Maurice Bonemeijer, Technical Lead Developer and Technical Architect Team SERP

What we do is truly in a league of its own: users access more than two hundred million pages per day and we have billions of logs. We have forty brands and counting - far more than anyone else! Everything is done on a much larger scale here than at any other organisation I have ever worked at - and I have been with quite a few in my time.

We have to maintain all these high-traffic environments and no two websites are exactly the same. We want everything to be taken care of quickly and with zero errors. After all, millions of people are affected if something goes wrong. It is important that everything works well, down to the smallest details. Furthermore, we want to make sure that our proprietary systems remain easy to maintain. As the team's technical conscience, I brainstorm with colleagues about how to realise that. We also look for ways to do even better. We are constantly testing new features and new algorithms. Our excellent working relationship with e.g. Google and Microsoft means we can always count on rapid support.

I have never worked for any organisation as long as I have for Visymo. At other companies, I felt like I had learned all there was to learn and had reached my ceiling after a year or so. That is definitely not the case here. I keep growing as a person, because there is so much to discover here. There are always new projects to take on. Some of the people here are true founts of ideas and we try out the best of what they come up with. We are given every opportunity to take action. Everything has to be the best at Visymo - and that includes the facilities we use. If we need anything to do a better job, it will be taken care of.